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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things You Need to know About LUAHAN RASA

Firstly i just wanna say THANK YOU for visitting my website, and few thing u need to know about thing i do here in LuahanRasa.  All info provided by us here is purely intended to promote new Talent, Artists, Music Album, Entertaiment, Community,  Individual, and also to create awareness about thing that happen around us, beside to inspired others with info that we have & share in our daily life,  beside blogging for Entertaiment we also do cooking & Tours.  Some guideline and tips, beside healthy living, beside tips how to cope living with elderly or old age (your self alone), life is to short and life live fullers with your love one, never take things for granted.  Technology and ICT makes thing even better for our life and I do hope this website be a place for all of US to understand, share and also get information for our  self and family with thing happen around us, we will be appreciate if you could share with others.

If you want us to write about your story battling with illness,  work that involve people & Community, Music, which can inspire others to be more positive in life and accept reality with thing that happen in our life, we wanna hear from you, pls do contact us, and InsyaAllah, if you are the choosen one by us, we will get intouch with you and will give you our full support, media write up and video interview will remain sole property belong to LuahanRasa.  And for ur info, this is one fully transparent website and non profit gain  for  any  help that we provide, strictly for the good cause and strictly NOT for business or profit thank you - Deejay Ibumisali

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